The team from Nga Mahi Te Taiao have been involved in a range of education programs and learning experiences outside the classroom (LEOTC) since 2000.

We are currently contracted to the Ministry of Education and Mountains to Sea Conservation Trust to provide such experiences based around our freshwater and coastal environments. He Awa Ora, Healthy Rivers, is a holistic project that aims to support and encourage students in real time science endeavours while working to improve the understanding, appreciation and management of our freshwater environments. He Tai Ora, the Living Sea utilises our unique coastal marine and estuarine environments as learning contexts, developing water skills, knowledge of marine ecology and potential impacts on this, and opportunities for improved management practices. 

These programs are science focussed, but also include many opportunities for multi-curricular activities and outcomes. Both can be utilised as ‘one off’ experiences, or incorporated into your school’s wider curriculum work for ongoing research and learning. 

A key overall focus for our education programs is the integration with wider individual and community needs, aspirations, and hands-on projects. This involves the development and maintenance of relationships with schools and their communities, whanau, hapu and iwi, NGO’s, government and local authority agencies, industry groups, tertiary education providers and Crown Research Institutes.

Our team all have relevant qualifications and experience, and meet strict health and safety and police vetting standards.

Other learning initiatives include:

  • GLOBE: an international earth science and biodiversity studies project including atomosphere, hydrology, geology, soils, phenology and land cover and coastal studies
  • Indigenous landscape and biodiversity studies
  • Natural resource management and participation
  • Learning Experiences Outside the Classroom (freshwater and coastal environments)
  • Civic studies and participation

As our programs utilise robust science and research techniques, they are able to be utilised by students at all levels. Statements from teachers and students utilising our programs can be found on the Testimonials page.