Curriculum Links

Our He Awa Ora and He Tai Ora programs align with a variety of unit standards from The New Zealand Curriculum. We can provide the expertise and environmental context for secondary students to achieve NCEA achievement standards and support achievement objectives for all primary and intermediate levels.

We have produced new NCEA Achievement Standards (Biology 2.1 and Biology 2.3) for secondary students to gain a total of 7 credits through our He Awa Ora Program. It aligns with the NCEA NZ Curriculum and requirements to achieve at an Achieved, Merit or Excellence level.

We have also produced a NZ Curriculum Links for level 3 and 4 to achieve the requirements and objectives for all learning outcomes in Science with additional social science and physical education components. This curriculum links workbook has been produced with various resources for teachers to extend our outdoor programs in the classroom and align with teaching requirements.


The attached documents, Curriculum Links for Primary and Intermediate Levels, Curriculum Links Marine Reserve Level 3 and Secondary Level NCEA Links reveal the NCEA achievement standards and learning areas and objectives that our programs coincide with. The overview of these learning achievements showcases our programs and their alignment with The NZ Curriculum.

Our programs are adaptable, where the context and level in which we deliver these programs can be altered to support your key foci and specific learning criteria.

Secondary Level NCEA Links

Curriculum Links for Primary and Intermediate Levels

Curriculum Links Marine Reserve Level 3


Two achievement standards were completed with the teacher guidelines, resource requirements, and learning outcomes/criteria for Biology 2.1 and Biology 2.3 (most widely used biology achievement standards nationwide). The attached document outlines the standards and reveals the NZ Curriculum links embedded in our programs. This provides secondary students the opportunity to participate in our programs while gaining their required NCEA credits.

These achievement standards have been trialled by secondary students from Gisborne Girls' High School in 2017, and are to be finalised and delivered to a wider audience in 2018. Please refer to the attached document, NCEA Biology Level 2 (Bio 2.1 and Bio 2.3) DRAFT. 

NCEA Biology Level 2 (Bio 2.1 and Bio 2.3) DRAFT


A workbook resource produced for teachers, aligns with the NZ Curriculum to cover all key learning areas for science level 3 and 4. It includes learning outcomes and objectives for every component with tasks and activities for each, including outdoor learning (facilitated by NMTT) and in-class opportunities. This workbook refers to a wide range of resources that have been produced by NMTT and are provided in a teacher resource pack.

This curriculum workbook has been created around level 3 and 4 learning outcomes in relation to our inanga restoration project, however, our programs are adaptable to all year levels and therefore can provide a more robust fit with your school foci and learning context. This inanga project covers a wide range of activities completed on a He Awa Ora field trip, therefore can be used as a guiding curriculum links document to cover a wide range of other tasks and activities.

Holding a strong focus around the science curriculum, our programs embed all other key learning areas such as art, maths, and technology and interrelate with all other school subjects. Please refer to the attached document, Inanga Project Level 3 4.

We have acknowledged that there is a demand for more science components and resources in Te Reo, therefore, we have had this workbook translated into Te Reo with a range of resources attached for Kura Kaupapa Maori and bi-lingual schools. Please refer to the attached document, Te Whakaoranga Inanga Final. 

Inanga Project Level 3 4

Te Whakaoranga Inanga Final

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any inquiries regarding these curriculum links or potential links that we can assist with.